Summary of 2013

A friend wrote a post summarizing the best experiences of hers in year 2013 and I started thinking that maybe I should do something similar as I have actually done and achieved quite a few things.

I published my first post on this blog in 2013, deciding that I will share the positive things, the achievements, stuff that makes me happy and talented. I managed so far, even though that meant I had a really long pause. Seems like blog writing is a winter activity for me.

Highlights of the year:

  • We bought a house! I believe that is the biggest thing that happened last year. We started looking in february, something triggered it again and we found our house by the end of the month. Finally getting the keys took us a few months unfortunately as bureocracy in Hungary is against the people, but in July we could finally move in after having painted the walls and built in the kitchen. Having a house with a garden is constant work and there is always something that needs fixing. Always. So, that took up most of our summer and autumn and we are actually ready to invite guests over there now, not just family who don’t mind the imperfections and chaos, but also friends that we want to impress…. with our cooking mostly as somehow that takes their minds off criticising anything. 🙂
  • In October my friend decided she wants to buy an apartment too and I voluteered to help her (and also do the interior design once she did decide on a place) so we looked at quite a few apartments in the designated area until we both lost hope and paused the project. I am ready to get back on that horse if she is ready, but I think we should broaden our spectrum. especially since there is another friend looking for a similarly small apartment now… maybe if we found a bigger one with two entrances? well… who knows… it is their decision, so i do not want to drag them into anything.
  • I’ve been to London with my family in August this time as a proper tourist. It was nice but I really want to go back again as I missed a few things that I’d like to see, like Baker Street and the London Eye, the parks that my friends post awesome pictures of and the like. I would also like to visit my friends who in the meantime moved to Cambridge, which is another place I’d like to see.
  • I joined a small amateur acting group with a friend and maybe at some point will get to play really and not only games like we do now. We’ll see. As we know, what is an actor without an audience?
  • Found myself a fittness center (Lite Fittness Mammut) that I like and as I have a company pass I can go every day. I have been going at least 2 times a week last year am planning to go at least 4 times a week this year. We’ll see how that works out.

Okay… nothing else really comes to mind, if anything does, I’ll just update the post. Have work to do now.


Something green and something gold

I know I disappeared for a looong while but I have my reasons. We bought a house and moved, I felt ashamed because the couch cover was never going to happen (in case it ever does, I will post about it) also I started doing other things so I had no time. Honestly I forgot about this blog a little which should be good considering that I have a life.

So… what brings me back? I am attempting something out of fandom and I thought I would want to share it with the world. Mind you this is a looooong project as I am not exactly 100% sure what I am doing. Still gathering ideas and inspiration, planning how to accomplish those ideas and then when I see clearly all that I need I will sit down and do it piece by piece. Final deadline is 31. May as by then I want to be finished with my outfits so that I can relax. 🙂 Oh I didn’t tell you what I was doing? Let me just show you some pictures that inspire me and you might understand:

1470475_10200342617086289_1889807225_n 5c60c8310eebced5bf68ae19567e98d9 29f6dcd86b5ca89caad67d863797ee35 39e3c70e2886a0bb7b1814293f1f0850 e7ef2865271660005d612f9e2f2a256f-d4k909e IMG_9227 Lady.Loki.full.1434499 lady_loki_by_kate_niemczyk-d507snb lady_loki_by_sunsetagain-d6tyzct lady_sif_by_vylla-d6xb73r loki_by_spicedcoffee-d5ca5ig


I will scan and share the outfit plan as soon as I am done with it. 🙂 So far it is in a very early phase.

Decoupaged boxes for my sister

So… I still couldn’t get on with the couch project, but seeing that I abandoned a pillowcase decoration for 4 years (and  still counting) it is not a huge surprise.

In the meanwhile I got inspired and started painting the boxes I promised for my sister. She got me the game Alice: Madness returns which I find really great and there are beautiful ideas in it. I think it was made for girls as the clothes of Alice change in every chapter. Anyway, there are two small boxes I will make. The smaller one is now ready to be decoupaged, but I’ll show you where I am so far.

WP_000560 WP_000567

Yes I know these boxes should be smoothed out normally, but i kinda like its roughness…


I am really really really bad at huuuge projects. Really bad.

So I started with the next plan which is to make a cover for the sofa and the armchairs. It is just too damn long and I am right now sick of it. I can’t continue unless I can start screaming any second which I can’t cos Gergő will probably rightfully think I’m gone crazy. I can’t start anything else I do feel like doing though as he said I shouldn’t go out buying more materials until I use up the amount I have. Most of which is the sofa cover… damn. I just really really really wish I got the inspiration to continue with that again. I might even try tonight…

…at least the wallpaper is on the walls and it looks very elegant and stylish. I’d just need my white furniture for it… I am thinking about sewing the damn cover on the thing, but that might not be the best idea with the two cats we have… oh well.

Laptop pillowboard – finished


So I can finally move to the next project with all concentration. I am trying to focus my attention on one thing at a time in order to finish stuff and to not overstress myself. It has worked fine so far. 🙂

The finished product is somewhat different than what I planned in the first post. You’ll have to expect that too, also I’ll update the first post to make sure I’m the only one who runs into the problems.

I did not use the stapler as it didn’t work properly, or my plan was flawed. I found it stupid to have to use nails to fix Velcro on a wooden board so I skipped that idea. I tried using superglue which worked fine on the first quarter of the Velcro and then I almost glued my fingers together as I was in such a hurry to put the parts on before the glue dried. Then I ran out of superglue, so I decided to not care and just glued it on with regular UHU hobby-glue.
Also, my matte cover lacquer is, well…. not very matte. 😀 But as I do like the end result it doesn’t really matter. 🙂

So, pictures:


Here the links to the previous posts:

Laptop pillowboard
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Laptop Pillowboard – Update 1

So yesterday I finished painting and decoupaging the tray and I also made some photos still in the “in progress” state.

Also I realised that I might have to find a different method of fixing the velcro as the stapler I bought doesn’t function as required. I will think about it and get the new things I need tomorrow after work.

Just to make my day better and honor Murphy’s what can go wrong will go wrong idea, my cat decided to claim the pillow I filled with the polystyrol beads as his own and peed a small scent signal on it. I’ll try if I can wash it, if not, I’ll just start from scratch. Note to myself and other cat owners: ALWAYS put away everything, even if you think you’ll use it in 10 minutes, just take it out exactly when you are using it, otherwise you just look away and poof, there is cat pee (or in a better scenario a sleeping cat) on it.

So, the in progress pictures:

WP_000375 WP_000377 WP_000386 WP_000387 WP_000388 WP_000390 WP_000391

The painting so the colours stayed the same, I only added more decoupage on the top. I’ll make pictures of that too after I covered the whole top with matte cover lacquer. 🙂

Laptop Pillowboard